How To Downgrade iOS 9 To iOS 8.4.1

iOS 9 was officially released to the public yesterday and if you’re one of the many who’ve taken the leap into updating, but regret you ever did we’ll show you how to downgrade back to iOS 8.4.1 (temporarily.) Though said to be the greatest version of iOS yet, jam packed with new features, and a whole lot more we won’t like, want, or need iOS 9 comes packed with system bugs, slowed performance issues, and crashing apps.

Below you’ll find the simple “How-To” step-by-step intructions on how to downgrade to iOS 8.4.1 on any compatible device.

Note: This process will only work for as long as Apple continues to sign the iOS 8.4.1 firmware. Once Apple is no longer signing iOS 8.4.1, could be today or tomorrow, you won’t be able to downgrade.

From iOS 9 To iOS 8.4.1

Step 1: You’ll need to download your iOS 8.4.1 firmware file (.ipsw) corresponding to your specific device. You can get it directly from

Step 2: Once you have the correct IPSW file, you’ll need to make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC or Mac. Apple recently released iTunes version 12.3, but you can use iTunes 12.2.2.

Step 3: Turn off Touch ID & Passcode from with the Settings menu by going into Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.

Step 4: Turn off Find My iPhone by navigating into Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone.

Step 5: Connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac.

Step 6: Launch iTunes and select the device you’re trying to downgrade.

Step 7: Hold down the Option key on your Mac keyboard, or the Shift key if you’re using a Windows computer. Now Click on the Restore button.

Step 8: Select the iOS 8.4.1 IPSW file that you downloaded in step Step 1 above.

iTunes will now verify your iOS 8.4.1 firmware file once it has been verified the restoring process will begin. Now all you have to do is wait about ten to fifteen minutes when it’s done you’ll be back on iOS 8.4.1.

Did you successfully downgrade your device to iOS 8.4.1? Let us know in the comments.

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