How To Downgrade Official iOS 10.1.1 To iOS 10.1 & Direct IPSW Download Links

iOS 10.1.1 was officially released to the public yesterday and if you regret it we’ll show you how to downgrade back to iOS 10.1 (temporarily.) This update has a few new features, system bugs, and more. Below you’ll find the simple “How-To” step-by-step intructions on how to downgrade to iOS 10.1 on any compatible device.

Note: This process will only work for as long as Apple continues to sign the iOS 10.1 firmware. Once Apple is no longer signing iOS 10.1, could be today or tomorrow, you won’t be able to downgrade.

iOS 10.1 Direct IPSW Download Links

If you were able to downgrade thats awesome! Just remember this method can stop working at anytime, so if you want to downgrade I would suggest to make hast.

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