Rumored MacBook Air 12-inch and layout [Leaked]

Our friends at 9to5Mac are at it again, we’ve all heard our share fare of Apple rumors, but this could really be something new. Coming straight from 9to5mac, here’s a summation of information about the upcoming MacBook Air 12-inch read on to get in on the action.
Although these might be rumors, the people at 9to5Mac are known to have reliable sources, so theres a very good chance of this seeing the light of day. Rumors have went so far as to render a 3D model of the MacBook Air 12-inch to give us a better idea of ​​what it should, or will, look like. Purportedly, the chassis of the new MacBook are to be almost the same as it’s earlier version, so screen edges are minimized.


Here’s Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac:

Apple is preparing an all-new MacBook Air for 2015 with a radically new design that jettisons standards such as full-sized USB ports, MagSafe connectors, and SD card slots in favor of a markedly thinner and lighter body with a higher-resolution display. Sources within Apple, who have used internal prototype versions of the upcoming computer, have provided in-depth details about the machine, and our exclusive artist renditions of the revamped MacBook Air provide the first close look at Apple’s first major step in mobile Mac computing since the Retina MacBook Pro launch in 2012.

keyboardgray-copyIn order to save space and optimize the grip, Apple also made the decision to reduce the spacing of the keys and offer a slightly larger trackpad. The trackpad will be quite close to the space bar and it won’t have the mechanical click. While speaking of the absences of certain parts, the fans, SD ports, Thunderbolt and MagSafe would not be present to allow the firm to market a product of unparalleled finesse. However, the jack port and a USB port Type C should be present.


Finally, the new computer decorated with a bright apple should be announced by April or May while the 11-inch model could disappear from the lineup. Stay tuned!

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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