What is Rootless? How it Works & How to Disable it

How To Get The “Root” In Rootless

Rootless is a new “Kernel Level” security feature that has been implemented, by Apple, in iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. Not much information is known, nor can you find anything, about this new feature. It could possibly be because iOS 9 and OS X El Captain have yet to be released to the public; plus “Rootless” is still in it’s beta stages.

So I decided to dive into the OS X Yosemite, and OS X El Captain, betas to scrutinize “Rootless.” To my amazement I was able to reverse the new rootless feature (disable it.) Why did I do this you ask? So I can share with the public and you!

“Rootless” is in fact within Yosemite, but was never “fully” implemented. You can say Apple was testing the waters to learn whether or not it would work. Down below I’ll have a PowerPoint Presentation you can check out on my findings and pretty much all the good stuff you’re looking for.

“Rootless” PowerPoint Presentation

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