How To Fix Grayed Out Wifi iPhone 4S iOS 8.1.3 (Gray Broken WiFi In Settings Fix)

Now this may have been one of the most silliest video i have every made, iPhone and a blow dryer? But I must say it’s one of the most helpful, and although it’s a temporary fix, as well. If you have been trying to fix your device’s grayed out wifi (in setting), and to no avail it’s still the same way, or have you updating just to encounter this dreaded issue? Well get ready to fix this P.O.S problem on any device.

What you need

A device with wifi problems (Grayed out in settings)

A blow dryer (YES A BLOW DRYER!!)

Want you Need to do

Step 1. Grab your device and the blow dryer.

Step 2. Power on the blow dryer and face it to the headphone jack.

Step 3. Now Freeze, you’ll need to keep the heat on your device for three to five minutes until you’re prompted by the device that it needs to be powered down.

Step 4. Power it down, and wait for it to cool down.

Step 5. In some cases when the device is cooled it will power itself on, if not turn your device on in ten minutes.

Note: Jump into settings and check out the wifi section. If everything works, but the wifi bars aren’t showing, toggle wifi on and off.

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