How To Install iOS 8.3 Beta 3 Without Developers Account

Apple seeded iOS 8.3 beta 3 (12F5047f) for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to registered developers on 12 May 2015. As always, there will be a number of small updates, which I’ll get into later.

If you’re not a registered Apple developer you can still update by following the link provided below. If you’re on iOS 8.1.2 and you’re jailbroken you should avoid upgrading to the latest version of iOS 8.3 beta as you’ll come to find yourself SOOL for a jailbreak, and stuck on iOS 8.2 if you downgrade.

The direct download links for iOS 8.3 beta 3 can be found on the Apple Developer Portal (you need to be a registered developer to download these files) but if you not a developer here you go.

iOS 8.3 beta 3 is compatible with the following iOS devices:


iPad Air 2 (Model A1566)

iPad Air 2 (Model A1567)

iPad mini 3 (Model A1599)

iPad mini 3 (Model A1600)

iPad mini 3 (Model A1601)

iPad Air (Model A1474)

iPad Air (Model A1475)

iPad Air (Model A1476)

iPad mini 2 (Model A1489)

iPad mini 2 (Model A1490)

iPad mini 2 (Model A1491)

iPad (4th generation Model A1458)

iPad (4th generation Model A1459)

iPad (4th generation Model A1460)

iPad mini (Model A1432)

iPad mini (Model A1454)

iPad mini (Model A1455)

iPad Wi-Fi (3rd generation)

iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (model for ATT)

iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (model for Verizon)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)


iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 5s (Model A1453, A1533)

iPhone 5s (Model A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530)

iPhone 5c (Model A1456, A1532)

iPhone 5c (Model A1507, A1516, A1526, A1529)

iPhone 5 (Model A1428)

iPhone 5 (Model A1429)

iPhone 4s

iPod touch

iPod touch (5th generation)

Non Developers Direct Links

If your not a developer follow this link to download iOS 8.3 beta 3 without a developers account.

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