iPhone 6C Photos Revealed First Look! [LEAKED]

A couple images have been leaked on the internet of what seems to depict Apple’s new iPhone 6C rear housing. With every upcoming Apple device reiteration comes many rumors, concepts, mockups, and plenty speculation. Today you’ll be getting a close, and first, look and what could possibly be the next 4-inch iPhone 6C to come.

As from what you can see in these pictures the purported iPhone 6C looks a lot like it’s predecessor, the iPhone 5C. Your’re able to clearly distinguish the difference between the new and the old. To begin with, the iPhone 6C, allegedly, will feature a dual speaker grill, as oppose to only one on the iPhone 5C.


Based on this picture, and previous leaks, the iPhone 6C could, and most likely will, come with a few features offered on the iPhone 6, or 6 Plus. This translates to a plastic handset with a TouchID fingerprint reader, built-in NFC for Apple Pay, an A9 processor and Gorilla Glass. For someone that wants an iPhone 6 but doesn’t want to come out of pocket for it this sounds like a great option. Just remember not every single feature will be included (just think of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5.) Apple lightens the strain on your pocket with a plastic casing and less hardware which converts into a cheaper price-tag.

Note: Now as stated previously this could just be a fake mockup. It wouldn’t be difficult to fire up Adobe Photoshop and “create” the next iPhone 6C from an iPhone 5C image (as you can see they both happen to be the same color, ironic.) But we’ll need to wait until Apple’s next event in June when they announce the iPhone 6S.


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