Fake Apple iWatch Sold On eBay For $260

With the Apple iWatch release approaching fast, a group of people decided to take advantage of the long awaited device by counterfeiting, or creating a knockoff, to earn some money. This here is clearly evidence of an Apple iWatch knockoff which was sold on eBay.

Although the watch was listed as an Apple iWatch Prototype, we all know better to believe, or trust, eBay sellers. As always there are those people who sallers will get over on, and believe it or not the knockoff auctioned for the sum of $260 plus $7.5o for shipping fees, WOW!

The seller even goes as far as to try to justify the watch is an actual prototype. He claims to have obtained the iWatch Prototype from his cousin who works at Apple. Ok need I say more?

Nevertheless, always be vigilant and try find out more about what you are buying before you make the purchase and you’ll be in for nice surprise that can cost you plenty!

(Source: eBay)

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