How To Install iNoCydia 2.0 iOS 8.1.2 Apps/Themes/Tweaks Without Jailbreak

Lately I’ve been focusing my blog and YouTube channel on awesome things you can do to your device without a jailbreak running the latest iOS 8.1.2. I also recently found an app that allows you to install apps , emulators, and more without jailbreak. I’m really not sure why, but there’s a percentage of people who don’t like the whole idea of jailbreaking their device. Whether it may void your warranty or you just plain out don’t want to, iNoCydia should be great news for you.


iNoCydia, the name itself, is pretty explanatory, you don’t need Cydia on your device to install the all the good stuff (third party applications.) When navigating through iNoCydia, the Apps sections contains Apps and Emulators and the Tweaks section contains Apps just like itself. The Sources section isn’t working at the moment.

iNoCydia’s App and Emulator selection are firmware specific. That said you’ll need the speficic mentioned firmware to get the App/Emulator to work correctly. One more thing, everything you install on your device, the certificate that allows that, can be revoked by Apple at any time, without notice.

Install iNoCydia

Step 1. On your device, open up Safari and head on over to

Step 2. Tap on the Get button

Step 3. Tap install about four times.

Step 4. Back out and you’ll see iNoCydia on your springboard.

Note: iNoCydia is not, or in no way am I saying, a Cydia replacement. It is for those who don’t want to jailbreak there device, but still want to trick it out.

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