How To Install Movie Box & PlayBox HD On iOS 9.3 Without A Jailbreak

So we’re back with another tutorial on how you can install two of the most ultimate movie streaming apps, Movie Box and Play Box HD, on any device running iOS 9.3 without a jailbreak. PlayBox HD and Movie Box are to of the most asked for, and in demand, applications for any iOS device. Although they’re available on any jailbroken device, now you can install them, again. without the need of a jailbreak. With so many options from movies, tv shows, cartoons, and anime to choose from why wouldn’t you want it? To install your favorite movie streaming apps follow the detailed outline below.


Step 1. Fire up Safari and navigate to

Step 2. Tap on the drop down menu and select “Downloads.”

Step 3. When the page loads up scroll down and look for Movie Box and PlayBox HD. When you find them, we’ll start with Movie Box, so tap on it, scroll down tap install, when you’re redirected tap the green install button, then tap install one more time.

Step 4. Now you’ll need to navigate back to the downloads page, tap on PlayBox HD, and you’re going to repeat the same process above. Back out and both these awesome apps should be installing be patient as the magic happens.

Note: If neither app can’t be installed at the moment come back at a later time and try again.

Step 5. Wallah, just like that you now have both, Movie Box and PlayBox HD, on your iOS 9.3 device without a jailbreak.

Step 6. Before you attempt to launch either app, head into the settings app/general/device management and trust the profile.

Note: DO NOT UPDATE EITHER APP if they asks you to update! The new version will not work on non-jailbroken devices. Also, Apple can kill these awesome apps off at any time without notice.




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