iPWNBypass “iCloud & Activation” Bypass for A4 Devices

With the Release of iOS7, Apple implemented a Activation Lock feature for iCloud which was added to Discourage the theft of iOS Devices as well as to add an extra layer of security to your iCloud and Device. a lot of people have bought locked devices from 3rd party venders which were locked with no hope of recovering the password or bypassing setup. That being said, i took it upon myself to create a Tool Based off from Geohot “George Hotz” LimeRa1n BootROM exploit and a SSH Ramdisk hack to allow the removal of setup altogether to allow users to access spring board and successfully bypass iCloud lock.

iPWNBypass is a tool that was wrote by myself, it is composed of 4 stages SSH Ramdisk Hack, Mount of the RootFS, Removal of /Applications/Setup.app, and a reboot. what this does is Remove the setup app completely which will allow the phone to skip setup and jump straight to SpringBoard.

Now..This utility will ONLY work with A4 and older based devices due to the nature of explotation and i have no intentions of creating a utility for A5 or newer chipset based devices because i refuse to premote theft as well as 3rd party “blackmarket” vendors who will sell stolen or locked phones for profit, not to mention iCloud is Server side meaning it can’t be fully exploited from the device it would require SSL as well as server vulnerabilities “which its extremely illegal to hack apples activation servers” so until another BootROM or iBoot Exploit is publicly avalible do not expect any updated version

I’ve been told countless times “why create a tool for old devices people don’t use anymore” well to cut straight to the chase, 1 Why not create something that can help users with there products, 2 The exploits were already out there to achieve this, why not make the effort to help the people who still rock the A4

Finally i also wanted to publicly bring attention to the risk of buying devices from any 3rd party or non certified vendor, always remeber to request and check the IMEI and Lock status on apples site before you buy ANY device, i can’t stress this enough people will sell stolen phones and if you get caught with these in your possesion you run the risk of legal trouble,

You can download the tool for windows PC here iPWNBypass GUI, and as soon as a OS X version is avalible i will post it. Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback in the section below, You can follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, or add us to your Circle on Google+ to keep yourself updated on the latest iOS Jailbreak releases, Tweaks, Themes, and News!

UPDATE: some users who use AntiVirus Software have reported this as being potential Malware or infected, this is not the case and is caused by the Exploitation activites the program does.


i live somewhere in Atlanta GA, I'm into iOS/Unix based security, I hack to improve not to destroy, i like jailbreaking stuff including my routers and gaming consoles, I find really cool things and learn others to share with you, Im the creator of Bootstrap, gUICache, as well as many other things #PowerToTheUser

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