Pokemon Go Hack: How To Go Anywhere in Pokemon Go Without Walking Around

Do you want to play Pokemon Go without actually (physically) moving? For those Pokemon Go players who want to be lazy, don’t want to end up injured, or just can’t be mobile PokemonGoAnywhere is tweak created by a Reddit user named miniroo321 and had you guys in mind. The last article we wrote helped you bypass the jailbreak detection in the game. Assuming you have successfully completed that task repeating the process should be a breeze.

If you want, or need, to sit around at home, yet still be able to walk and run around in Pokemon Go, this jailbreak tweak will allow you to do just that.

What’s behind this?

Once you have PokemonGoAnywhere installed, you’ll enter the game and tap on the tap to walk button to enable it and anywhere you want to go just tap the screen. There’s no spoofing, teleporting , or anything of that sort; you just can’t appear on the other side of the world. It will only let you tap on the map.

As the developer mentioned, your account will be less likely to be ban.

…Since you’re walking around the map, rather than teleporting, it is most likely be harder to detect.

I overwrote the location manager implementation to get it to work. They really have no way of determining if the locations passed in are fake or not. They would need to monitor your location on the server side and decide if the movements are fake. I’d imagine it would be really difficult to create something accurate enough to detect this.
Apart from that, the developer also mention that he will be adding auto walking to Pokemon Go as well (nearby gyms and favorite spots).

Walk Around or Go Anywhere in Pokemon Go Without Actually Walking

Step 1: Launch Cydia and tap on reload if you haven’t opened it in awhile.

Step 2: Tap on the sources tab and this repo is hosted on a third-party server so you’ll need add: http://www.williamlcobb.com/repo (tap edit and then add.)

Step 3: Once the repo is added go into it, All Packages, search for PokemonGoAnywhere and install it

That’s pretty much it.

Note: You must be facing North (Red up) in order for you to walk in the direction you want to walk As described by the developer, he hasn’t been able to find the rotation of the map. Also when you are going to capture a Pokemon turn off tap to walk, or you won’t be able to throw a PokeBall.

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