How To Hack Nintendo Wii & Install Homebrew Channel Wiibrand Launcher v9 4.3/4.2/4.1 U/J/E/K 2015

Wiibrand Launcher is an exploit used for the Wii which makes use of a bug in the Wii’s Message Board (similarly to Letterbomb). This is a written guide on how to hack any Wii and is updated for 2015. This guide will only help you install The Homebrew Channel. I will be updating the blog, so stay tuned for more. Lets get the hackin’.

What’s Required:
A Wii Remote that does NOT have the built-in motion sensor, computer, and an SD card (SDHC will only work on 4.0 or above. For the best results use non-SDHC cards) formatted to FAT32.

On your Wii

Step 1. Go to your Wii’s Settings menu. Select “Internet” on page 2. Select “Console Information”. Record your Wii’s MAC Address for use in the next step.

On the Computer

Step 2. Download the Wiibrand Launcher and extract the Zip file Wiibrand Launcher (Source code).

Step 3. Enter your Wii’s MAC address into the Wiibrand Launcher. Then select your system menu region and version. Make sure to leave “Bundle the Hackmii installer for me” enabled. If you choose, you can specify your SD card by checking “Copy directly to device”.

Step 4. Click the button with the green envelope to start the download.
Note: If you didn’t specify your SD card in step 4, you will find two new folders in the Wilbrand folder: COPY_TO_SD and HACKMII_INSTALLER. Copy the contents of the COPY_TO_SD folder to the root of the SD card.

Now the Wii again

Step 5. Insert the SD card into your Wii (after coping the contents of the COPY_TO_SD folder to the root of the SD card.).

Step 6. Go to your Message Board (button on bottom-right of Menu) and navigate to “Yesterday” (depending on your timezone, the exploit could show up under “Today”).

Step 7. Click on the “Green Envelope” with the “Pink Bomb” to run the HackMii installer.

Step 8. You will be prompted by a Scam warning screen. Wait for the message at the bottom to appear, then press 1.

Depending on your Wii, the menu summary will show different:

“If you see Can be installed, you can get BootMii as boot2 (which gives the best brick protection there is).”

“If you see Can only be installed as an IOS, you can only get BootMii as IOS (which will give you NO brick protection on its own).”

Step 10. Press A to continue then we start the magic and install everything.

Step  11. First install the Homebrew Channel (choose Yes, continue). The Homebrew Channel will now be installed on your Wii.

Optional (Recommended) Steps: Installing BootMii

BootMii is a helps greatly with Brick protection and it is recommended to install it. However, it’s not required.

Step 12. In the HackMii main menu, choose BootMii and press A. You will get another menu.

Step 13. Before BootMii will work, we need to prepare our SD card, so do that first with the third option.

Step 14. Install BootMii as IOS. This will always work.

Step 15. If you’re one of the chosen ones, choose install Bootmii as Boot2, then Yes, continue and let it install.

Once you’re done, return to the Main menu and choose Exit. It will reboot the Wii. If you installed BootMii as Boot2, the BootMii menu will appear every time. If you don’t want this, rename/move the “bootmii” folder on the SD card (also check the Bootmii Section under How To Use)

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