How To Install Hacked YouTube++ iOS 9 – 9.3.3 Without (No) Jailbreak

This is for Mac OS X. Windows Users Sit Tight As The PC Tutorial Will Be Out Soon
Here’s another awesome tutorial on how to install YouTube++ on any device running iOS 9 thru 9.3.3 without a jailbreak. This tweaked version of YouTube, and the Cydia tweak Youtube++, unlike the official app gives the Youtube app more functionality and allows iOS users to have control over a whole load of new settings you wouldn’t have unless your device is jailbroken. A handful of features include: backgrounding music and videos (you don’t have to be in app to hear audio), as it stops as soon as you exit the app. Youtube++ tweak takes care of both of these nuisances of Youtube, and you can download videos right on your device with the option to export to cameraroll.

Once you have installed the tweak you will see a new ‘Download’ button right below every video you watch. Tap on it and select the video quality you prefer and it will begin to download. Same goes for any audio file, or you can download a video as a MP3. So if you’re tired of reading my jib, and want to try for yourself the simple steps are outlined below.


Mac Computer running latest OS X

Xcode 7

iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Apple ID (Apple Developers Account not necessary more info below)

Apple ID VS Apple Developer Account (Is This Permanent?)

To make this short and sweet, No. The Provisioning File, depending on wether you use an Apple ID or Apple Developer Account, can expire at two different times.  For free accounts, thats an Apple ID it’s 7 days, paid accounts, Apple Developers get 1 year. Once your time is up you can re-sign the app and install it again.

Lets Do It!


Step 1. Grab your device and a Mac computer. Head on over the the Apple App Store, download and install Xcode.

Step 2. Fire up your browser, and navigate to the PPSideloader page on, or you can download it here.

Step 3. Open a second tab in your browser so you can download the YouTube  application. Tap download, and give it a second to finish. when it’s done downloading show both the files in finder and now we can get stated by unzipping the ppsideloader zipped file.

Step 4. Notice that there’s an ipa already in the folder? You’ll need to replace it with the YouTube app. Before moving it into the folder rename it to app.ipa. Now you can drag and drop it in the ppsideloader folder and tap replace.

Step 5. launch the .xcodeproj file when you’re prompted tap open. Tap on the ppsideloader and Before we get stated with Xcode to ensure everything goes right in the status bar at the top tap on Xcode then preferences.


Step 6. On the bottom left tap the + sign and you’ll need to add you Apple ID, or developer account. The only difference is how long the app will last on your device before you have to re-install it again.

Step 7. Once you’re signed in tap on the view details button and under the action tab for iOS development tap the create button. Now you can close these two windows.

Step 8. Under bundle identifier I’ll type youtube.knosrocks you can just replace my name with yours to make it easy. For team tap the drop down bar and select your Apple ID then tap fix issue. It should now be fixed and the warning should be gone. For deployment target lets select 9.3 even though your on 9.3.1 or 9.3.2.

Step 9. Lastly make sure you choose the device you want to install the app on at the top. Everything else get left as is. Now you can tap the build and run button at the top left and just wait for the magic to happen.

Your Device

Step 10. When it’s done installing head on over to your device and check it out.

Bam! Just like that YouTube++ is installed on your device without the need of a jailbreak.

Note: Once you’re signed in tap on the settings tab and scroll down you’ll see the YouTube++ settings. Go into it and check out all the extra setting you have control over.

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