How To Install iOS 9 iPod Touch 3, iPad 1 & Apple TV 2 + Jailbreak

Do you want to know how to install a custom iOS 9 firmware on an iPod Touch 3, iPad 2, or Apple TV 2? Do you want new features on your older device? Well in this tutorial we’ll be showing you how to do exactly that. From the makers of Whited00r 7, Whited00r  6, and the original Whited00r custom firmwares, Grayd00r 9 is aimed to provide all this on older devices.Grayd00r

To break it down a bit more the Grayd00r’s custom iOS firmware implements iOS 9’s interface, notifications center, control center, App Store, slideover multitasking (App Switcher), and almost everything else that Apple latest firmware has to offer. A few extra apps like App Time Machine, which will recover old application versions, and Cydia meaning you’ll be automatically jailbroken, are included. The best part of it all is that you’ll be able to get OTA updates. Whether stable, or unstable, you can chance when you setup your device with Grayd00r.


By default Grayd00r has many system services disable to make it faster than the original iOS, but also provides it’s users with options to slow down, or even further speed up the device.

“Grayd00r is configured a mix of speed and features by default, being faster than stock iOS by default. Many system services have been disabled to improve performances.”

OTA-grad00rAt this point for the Apple TV 2 Grayd00r’s custom firmware only offers a flat UI similar to the Apple TV 3. It seems development for Apple TV 2G has been put on hold to focus on the Grayd00r 9 firmware for the iPod Touch 3G and iPad with no acknowledgement when they’ll be resuming to the project.

Control-Center-Grayd00rUpdate To iOS 9

Step 1. Download this version of iTunes if you have a Windows 64bit

Step 2. Connect your iOS device to a computer

Step 3. Launch iTunes and Restore your iPod touch (factory reset) back it up if you want.

Step 4. Download the latest package of Grayd00r 9 from here

Step 5. Run the software and it will take care of the rest.

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