iOS 9.2: How To Stream, Watch & Download Movie & TV Show Torrents Without Jailbreak

Here’s a quick write-up, or written tutorial, on how to stream, watch, and download your favorite movies and tv shows torrents without a jailbreak. Early this week we showed you how to download torrents via VLC for iOS, but most had trouble with them taking to long. Well the fix is to stream your media (which is a whole lot faster) and/or download them when you have a wifi connection. with out further ado the instructions are down below.

Stream A Movie

Step 1. Pick up your device, fire up Safari, and navigate to YIFYTorrents.

Step 2. Now you can tap on the search bar and search for any movie you want to watch.

Step 3. Once you find it, tap on the title of the movie, and you’ll be redirected to another page. Scroll down to the bottom then tap and hold the torrent magnet link. then press copy.

(Note: Keep in mind you can do this in any torrent site as long as there’s a magnet link.)

Step 4. Open a second tab and navigate to Now you can paste the torrents magnet link in the download bar and tap download.

Step 5. Scroll down a bit and you should be able to see your download. Tap on your movie/tv show and you’ll be redirected once again to a page where you have to select your correct media file. In my case it’s an mp4, so the correct file will end in .mp4.

(Note: MyFastFile only lets you download one torrent every two hours.)

Step 6. Once you’ve sort that out, tap on the stream button to the right of your media. When the page loads pinch-to-zoom and tap the play button. If you get the pop up ad tap cancel, then when you’re redirected to another page close it down, return to the original page, and press play once again.

Bam! Just like that your movie/video is now playing!

Save Movies & Tv Shows

Step 1. Lets pick up from step 6, instead on tapping on the stream button tap on download. When you’re redirected to another page close it down, return to the original page, and now you’ll see a play button.

Step 2. at the bottom bar of Safari tap on the add button (a box with arrow pointing up), tap and to homescreen, name it whatever you want, and now the icon that was added can open your selected media on demand!

Download Movies & TV Shows

Step 1. Open the App Store and search for VLC for iOS. When you find it down it and back out.

Step 2. From here, once again, we can pick up from step 6, but we will tap and hold the download button when you can tap copy.

Step 3. open up VLC for iOS, tap on the cone on the upper left, then downloads. You can now paste your medias download link in VLC’s download bar, and then tap download.

Step 4. When your media is done downloading you can find them in All Files.

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